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MultiCloud Management Panel





We were finalists in the Amazon Partners of the Year 2023

The distinction of being a finalist in this award means more than just an achievement and an honor; it is the validation of our hard work and our passion for driving excellence in our services.

We thank Amazon and everyone involved for this opportunity, and we share this recognition with our incredible team, partners, and clients, who continue to inspire and motivate us to reach even greater heights.

Reduce and justify the costs of your cloud operation

Cloud8 creates insights and automates processes that generate immediate savings:

  • Technical and business reports
  • Full control of tags – change, history, sharing
  • Turn on and off components such as servers, databases and auto-scaling applications
  • Upgrade/downgrade

Centralize the administration of multiple accounts across different cloud providers

  • detailed visibility into infrastructure costs
  • cost reduction
  • unified control over security
  • task automation
  • resource allocation optimization
  • backup and retention

Finance Management and IT Operation


Business Continuity with Cloud8

Backup and DR

Business Continuity

Simplify and automate your cloud infrastructure’s backup, set up retention policies for snapshots, copy to other regions and even other accounts (vault copy).

Data Security

Governance and Auditing

Follow IAM changes, be alerted about activity and privilege and environment modifications, and set up users with restricted access over Cloud8 features.

Cloud8 Cost Saving

Cost Control

Visibility and Cost Saving

Map all the costs of your cloud infrastructure detailed by component. Create custom reports and alerts based upon expenditure trends.



Automate routines to stop/start servers, upgrade/downgrade, run scripts, and more.

A Single Management Panel

Visibility and control in multiple clouds


MultiCloud Management Panel

Multi-cloud, multi-account, and multi-user.

Detailed financial information, access control, and centralized workflow automation.

Understand in detail what you use and how much each component of your infrastructure costs and automate the necessary measures to reduce costs.

Supported clouds:  AWS Logo Google Cloud Logo MS Azure Logo Huawei Cloud Logo Oracle Cloud Logo

Best Practices

Best Practices

Perform a complete personalized assessment of your environment with regards to the efficiency in resource utilization, security, and compliance.

Specific improvements suggestions for your environment to reduce costs, ensuring IT governance and business continuity.

Supported clouds: AWS Logo Google Cloud Logo MS Azure Logo 

MSP - Financial Management / Reselling

Add resellers and distributors to the Cloud8 dashboard with complete control over allowed actions and markups levels (CSP and Tier II).

Personalize your brand through White Label customization.

Supported clouds: AWS Logo Google Cloud Logo MS Azure Logo Huawei Cloud Logo Oracle Cloud Logo

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