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AWS Account Suspended? Top Reasons and How to Revert

AWS suspended account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud computing platforms in the world. However, AWS account suspensions can occur for a variety of reasons, causing disruption to businesses and developers. Let’s explore the main reasons why an AWS account can be suspended and how to resolve these issues to reverse the suspension. Top Reasons for […]

What’s new in Workflows, Monitoring and more

Cloud8 Workflows

The Cloud8 Platform continues to evolve! We arrive with another update on the releases of recent weeks. There’s news in the Scheduler , in Security and much more. Here are the main ones, most requested by our customers and users. Workflow with script execution and EC2 Command We implement the script execution task in our Scheduler . For now, it is possible to […]

AWS starts charging for IPs in use

AWS started charging – from February 2024 – for any public IP that is being used (previously only IPs that were not used were charged). The current value of monthly usage (730h average) per IP, in any region, is US$3.65 . Check the official details  (“Public IPv4 Address” item). In response to requests, we created a new rule within […]

Cost anomaly detection

Cost anomaly detection

A new application is available to customers that aims to identify cost deviations in the operation of public clouds. After carefully selecting customer feedback, we are proud to deliver an agile, transparent, searchable and very customizable application. The application is available under section Costs -> Anomalies . Main features Some screenshots Next steps

AWS: are Reserved Instance actually being used?

AWS Reserved Instance

As you already know we started showing and warning you about the expiration date of the reserved instances in your account. Now we are also monitoring whether they are being used effectively. Note : We remind you that a reserved instance is not a server. It is a reserved “position” that is purchased, where there may […]

How to Save Money Using the Cloud8 Scheduler

Save money scheduling

One of the most popular features of Cloud8 is the scheduler. It allows you to schedule tasks once or on a recurring basis. Let’s share best practices for saving. Create a schedule Creating a schedule is very simple. Just drag the mouse in the date area to the server you want to create the schedule. […]

How to choose the AWS Cloud region where to place your infrastructure?

AWS Region

A very constant question we receive here at Cloud8 is how to choose the geographic region (set of datacenters in the AWS definition) to place your cloud infrastructure. There is no formula, but you must take into account at least these three factors: Costs Naturally, cost is the first factor that stands out. And the […]

We were finalists in Amazon Partner of the Year 2023

AWS Partner of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce that Cloud8 has been named a finalist for the 2023 Latam/Global AWS Partner Awards , recognizing leaders around the world who play a key role in helping customers drive innovation and build solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Latam / Global AWS Partner Awards recognize a wide range of AWS partners […]

FinOps – Tags / Labels / Resource Groups Management – B​usiness Cost Analysis

FINOPS - Business Cost Analysis

FinOps is a cloud operating model that aims to align technology, business and finance professionals to extract maximum value from the cloud for the business through changes in systems, best practices and culture. In this article we highlight some of these best practices and features, which we have found to be very valuable to our customers. […]