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About Us

About UsCloud8 was born to simplify the life of the IT manager, by providing control over the operation and its costs. Productivity, economy, and security are the benefits that we deliver in a software as a service (SaaS) model.

Founded in 2012 by Renato Weiner, a pioneering IT executive in emerging markets, with experience in developing the hosting market in Brazil, our delivery of value occurs through the extension and complementarity of our tools with those of the main public cloud service providers.

We have been AWS partners for over ten years. Over time, we identified that the tools we developed for the AWS cloud could be used by our customers for other public clouds. This adds greater value to the cloud operation, serving customers of the most diverse sizes and with the most different needs. Currently, in addition to AWS, our partners are Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle and Huawei, and we are constantly working to include more cloud providers on our servers.

Cloud8 is a tool that facilitates operational excellence and supports best practices. 

We simplify the administration of environments, from the simplest running on only one provider to the most complex, through a multi-cloud strategy, offering granular management of components and their costs, automation of operations, and control over data security. All of this is centralized in a single interface of simple and intuitive use.

Cloud8‘s global operation is based in Orlando (FL), USA.