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MultiCloud Management Panel

Improve visibility, productivity, and cost control in managing your public cloud infrastructure.

Below are the top features of Cloud8.

Unified Panel

  • AWS, Azure and GCP in a single panel
  • Multiple accounts, regions, and users managed through a single interface
  • Customizable access profiles (financial, DevOps, etc.)
  • Servers management, databases, volumes, Load Balancers, and DNS
  • Dashboard with monthly and annual costs, and their period estimate
  • Recent automation and backup coverage
  • Identification of unused and unidentified (tag/label) components
  • “White-label” customization
Cloud8 MultiCloud Management Panel

Cost Analysis

  • Cost analysis by individual account and consolidated analysis for multiple accounts
  • Identification of anomalies per period
  • Financial forecast for the current month
  • Cost allocation detailed from the product to the component level, including costs with IO and data transfer per component
  • Visualization of data transfer by component ID, inter AZ and region
    Identification of significant fluctuations (anomalies) between periods
  • Cost apportionment and chargeback per tag / label

Task Automation and Workflows

  • Task scheduler with a graphic and intuitive interface
  • Workflow creation with recurrence, e.g.: Backup scheduling, switch on/off test environment, etc.
  • Multiple tasks and servers in a single scheduling
  • “Task successfully completed”/“Fail to complete the task” notifications sent via e-mail, SMS and Slack
  • Automatic maintenance of retention policies for snapshots, backups and images differentiated by region

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

  • Servers, databases and disks backup
  • Automated retention policies and GFS
  • Retention policy differentiation by region
  • “Vault Copy” to another account, monitored copy to other regions
  • Servers report without backup and alert for exceedingly long execution time

Data Security

  • User management with restricted access profiles: admin, finance, DevOps or customized
  • Monitoring of rule changes and security group associations
  • IAM monitoring
  • Detailed credentials report
  • Register of all actions executed via panel and other features

Metrics, Alerts & Auditing

  • Infrastructure alerts for Host, Network, and Disc issues integrated with PagerDuty
  • Cost trend alerts for excessive or exceeded cost
  • IAM and Security Group modification alerts
  • Server usage metrics for CPU% and I/O data transfer
  • Comparison among servers/databases/discs in different regions and providers
  • Tag/label coverage report
  • Reports exportation in images, PDF and CSV formats

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