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Features Detail

Cloud8 Features and Cloud Support

Single VisionSupport
Multiple accounts
All regions / Integrated IDs / Compartments
Multi-language (pt_BR / en_US)
Profile access usersSupport
Read only
Finance (by provider/tag/action)
Reports (by provider/servers)
Devops (by providers)
Custom: servidor, DB, DNS (reboot / start / stop / backup (AWS))
Use of MFA
SSO: AWS, Azure AD, GSuite, etc
Component managementSupport
Servidores (AWS: EC2 e VPC / Azure: ARM)
Database (AWS: RDS, Redshift / GCP: Cloud SQL)  
Discos (Azure: Managed / Unmanaged)
Imagens (AWS), Backups e Snapshots
Security Keys and KMS
Security Groups
Elastic IP (AWS: EC2 and VPC)
Load Balancers (Classic, APP) o Search filters
Export as catalog
Monthly cost, forecast and comparison with previous months
Recent bookings OK/Error
Backup Status  
Unused components with cost
White Label / CustomizationSupport
Logo registration per account
Own SES/FROM credential
URL sem Cloud8:
Individual accounts
Consolidated accounts
MultiCloud business units
Daily, weekly and monthly emails
Monthly closing report
Invoice view with details and analysis
Total cost and daily cost
Multi currency – USD, BRL, EUR, ARS
Coverage of all Cloud products
Details: bandwidth, disk I/O, hours of use
Email alerts
Multidimensional comparative charts:Support
by provider
a month
by service / details
by Tag
Export graphics: CSV,JPEG, PNG PDF
Custom Filters / Alerts / ReportsSupport
Custom analysis
Report/alert with custom logo
Hourly server usage reportsSupport
State history (running/off)
Size history
Provider, region, VPC
CSV export
Reserved InstancesSupport
EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, Redshift
All, Partial e No Upfront
Expiration notices
Use in the last 7 and 30 days
Usage report and correlation with servers
Instance family support
Components report without tags
Components that support or not
Budgets Inventory VisionsSupport
Intuitive dashboards
Detailed transfer date
EC2 horas, EC2 Spots, RDS, Lambda, Dynamo, NAT Gat, etc
More FeaturesSupport
Including views and reports with resource groups 
PAYG, CSP, EA, Azure Plan or CSP Margins, Tier II 
Margins by Resource Group 
Automatic creation of Tags with component IDs 
Tools for MSP / Resellers 
Profitability report for MSP 
Actions performed via the panelSupport
All events
Users and IP you performed
Separated by component ID
Alert levels: INFO to ERROR
Category and type of event
Actions external to the panelSupport
Raised and destroyed servers
Elastic IP Changes
Changes to disks
Changes Security groups
Group Membership Changes
IAM Changes/Console Logins
Changes to RDS and Aurora
More FeaturesSupport
Integration with CloudTrail
Removal Events
Search filters
CSV export
Server metrics graphsSupport
EC2 and RDS: CPU Usage (%)
EC2 and RDS: In/Out Transfer o RDS: Connections and Free Memory
Disks connected to serversSupport
Root and additional
Disk I/O (bytes and ops)
I/O queue
Comparison between servers/disks/RDSSupport
Distinct providers/regions
More FeaturesSupport
Save reports and create shortcuts
Export of JPEG, PNG and PDF graphics
Inclusion of recently destroyed servers
Support 15 months of data
Periodic scheduling
Manual execution
Organized by server/db/disk
Segmented and exclusive visualization
Backup Status report (with filters) – servers without backupSupport
Sending periodic emails
Backup de EC2, EBS e RDSSupport
Backup with EC2 on or off
Synchronous or asynchronous execution
Long runtime warning
EC2 Consistent: command execution before/after
Backing up EC2 server settings:Support
Security group
Elastic IP
acePC/Subnet Key
Availability Zone
Retention PoliciesSupport
Do not delete / Locks
Automatic – cleaning days
GFS policy
Automatic policy in X daysSupport
Backups / Imagens / Snapshots
Backups RDS
Integrates external backup (e.g. crontab)
Differentiated for region copies
Customized by tag
GFS Policy – ​​multiple holdsSupport
Retention for copying to another region
More FeaturesSupport
Business continuity: safe copy
Protecting important backups from automatic cleanup – EC2 and RDS
Choosing KMS
DR – Monitored copy of backups to other regions – EC2 and RDS
Customized cleaning using tags with days
Tag propagation from servers to AMI and snapshots
Alerts: replication, AZ failures, tables, miscellaneous issues
Backups: events and failures
Exceeded cost
Servers destroyed at the provider
Usage statistics in notice
AWS maintenance tasks
Integrated with Audit Log
Infrastructure monitoringSupport
Host server problems 
Server network problems
EBS disks with I/O problem
Optimized disk I/O degradation
Integrated with Slack ( Best Practices )
New servers created in the providerSupport
EC2 Classic and VPC (AWS) / ARM (Azure)
Auto-scaling, BeanStalk
RDS – Events:Support
Changes to banks: new, upgrade, destruction, etc.
Security groupsSupport
New rules
Rules destroyed
Only open to the world
Only restricted to IPs/CIDRs
Reserved Instances (Up Front and old)Support
Reservation Expiration Alerts
Reserve underutilization
IAM changes:Support
Alert if any credentials have changed
Alert if policies have changed
Users, Group, Roles Alert
Graphical view: manual + tags
Schedules by Tags
Pre-configured workflow templates
Integration with Terraform provisioning, CloudFormation – tags as doc
Redshift: on/off
Tasks by DNS
Multiple tasks/servers per schedule
Single appointment
Success or error notification emails to multiple recipients
Customization for error situations: retries, use of alternative type in upgrade/downgrade
Built-in alert: SNS/SMS/Slack (AWS)
Server tasksSupport
Connect (works with Elastic IP)
To switch off
Upgrade/downgrade type
Change disk type
Backup (with options and retention) (*Azure: Emulates AMI)
DR – Copy to another region
Safe copy
Connect/Disconnect to LB/TG
Connect Elastic IP
Start/stop integrated with OpsWorks
HTTP/HTTPS Script Execution
Executing internal commands  
Associate/disassociate SecGroup
Destroy server
Tasks per database (AWS: RDS / GCP: Cloud SQL)Support
Backup (with retention)
DR – Copy to another region
Safe Copy
Upgrade/downgrade type
SingleAZ/MultiAZ change
Export from Bank to Bucket
Database SQLSupport
SQL Datawarehouse stop / start
SQL Upgrade / Downgrade
SQL Pool: Attach / Detach
SQL Pool: Upgrade / Downgrade
Scheduled reports: Backup statusSupport
Backups performed
Summary costs per account
Cloud8 apportionment
Servers on time
Servers stopped
Tasks per diskSupport
Backup/snapshot (with retention)
DR – Copy to another region
Safe copy
Trocar type (mag, SSD, IO Prov)
Auto Scaling apps:Support
Scalar: min/max/desired
Escalar: desired
Instance GroupsSupport
Scale: desired value
Every day
Week days
By days of the week
By days of the month
First and last day of the month
Suspend on holidays
Custom credential (non-admin)
Support for using AccessKey or Role
Login with MFA
Audit logs (see Audit)
Multiple profiles and users
Double encrypted session cookie
We do not store credit card number and PIN (if you use this method)
Monitoring rule changes and security group memberships
Detailed credentials report
IAM Monitoring:Support
Roles, Users e Groups
Key activation
User login (source IP)
Password change (source IP)
Master/root account login
Inline Policies
Managed Policies
Instance Profile
CloudTrail Integration
Used browser report
Cloudtrail integrationSupport
Alert for CloudTrail turned off
‘Translation’ into business language of some events
Elastic IP and server integration Simplified DNS manager Private key managerSupport
Store to Dashboard
Protect with password
Import to AWS
Security Group ManagerSupport
Explanatory tag for each rule
Pre-registered rules
Rule cloning
EC2 server protectionSupport
Disc maintenance
Contra internal shutdown
Load BalancersSupport
Connecting/disconnecting servers
Diagnosis: Unsafe Policies, etc.
EC2 and RDS Price ListSupport
Instance type family
Usage (or misuse) reportSupport
Disks not connected
IPs not connected
Serverless Load Balancers
More FeaturesSupport
Protection of Servers/RDS/LB Against Accidental Termination
Registration of reason for action for audit Tag Editing
Sharing images/backups between multiple providers
Sharing RDS snapshots between multiple providers
Registration of the most used images
DNS: restore (scheduled backup)