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How to access a Windows server in the Amazon AWS cloud

To access a Windows server from the control panel, follow the steps below.

1. Access through the control panel: in the list of servers, click the right button and choose: “access the server”:

2. Or, right after starting the server, a direct link to access will be shown:

3. A screen will open. There can be 3 scenarios:

3.1. Save the access key and protect it with a password

3.2. Access key saved without choosing a password. Direct access to the server.

4. Then a screen with the link for remote access will appear.

5. When you click on the RDP link, a file ending with “.rdp” will be downloaded. On Windows, run it and it will open Remote Desktop Connection

6. Click Connect and you will be asked for a password. Enter the password that the panel showed you. Important: this is the first access password. If you change it later, it will continue to show the first password.

7. After the password, it only confirms a certificate. Click “Yes”

8. Now you access a Windows server in the cloud!


  • Change the password for this server and don’t forget it;
  • The password that is shown upon access is always the password originally created for the server.