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Cloud aggregator control panel

The Cloud8 dashboard was built with the idea of ​​expanding your experience with Amazon Cloud Computing.

The intention, let’s be clear,  is not  to replace the excellent console that Amazon makes available to those using AWS. The purpose of the panel is to add features, automate tasks and bring ‘hidden gems’ that are little publicized or are not yet supported by the console and only work via API.

The first feature we thought of was putting all data centers on the same interface. So you can view all your contracted resources in one place. The vast majority of customers use at least 2 datacenters: the United States and Brazil. United States for the best cost and Brazil for network latency. For example, in the USA there are larger systems with beefier servers and in Brazil there are institutional websites or systems that require a faster response to the end customer, such as e-commerce services. But nothing would stop you from configuring your entire infrastructure in a single location.

The second feature was to add several accounts to the same panel. Typical use cases are:

  • digital agencies and resellers that manage multiple clients;
  • companies that have 2 accounts – production/development or corporate/personal use;
  • different departments of the same company, each with its own account.

And it’s immediate to see the massive gain in productivity and security control when managing everything at once.

We also want to highlight other features that the panel has. Follow the links for more details:

And it also has a series of small features that make everyday life easier! Start a server with the associated Elastic IP, access via SSH or RDP directly through the browser, protect servers against accidental termination, etc.

Feel free to explore the panel!