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Automated backup of cloud servers

How much does it cost to not have a backup?

Cloud8 helps you back up all your servers. There is no backup limit and Amazon charges an average of US$0.15/GB (depending on the Datacenter location). The value is higher than the US$0.10/GB charged when on disk, but the big difference – and this is where the advantage lies – is that the backup is only made on the differential volume of data. Example: if you have 50GB and the data grows/changes by 100MB per day, you will only add US$0.01 (1 cent) each day to your account.

Cloud8 will manage your backups in several ways:

  • manual – at any time select the server you want to make a backup, give it a clear name and full description and run the backup;
  • automated – use the  scheduler , make as many backups as you want, at the time and day you want and sleep peacefully;
  • sync – Cloud8 syncs new images and snapshots taken through the Amazon console.

And in addition to creating a copy of the server itself, Cloud8 saves its configurations – Elastic IP, security group, access key, VPC, etc!

And if you need to restore the backup one day, whether to recover from a problem or test the latest image, Cloud8 provides a simple, quick way to restore.

See more details about the  backup/restore process  and screenshots on our blog!

Cloud8 periodically cleans your backups/images and/or snapshots. If you have a backup creation process, whether through the scheduler or any external script, Cloud8 can manage the rotation of backups. That’s the end of dozens of lost images and snapshots!

See how simple and economical it is?