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Cloud cost control, alerts and reports

When you use Cloud Computing where you pay for use, cost control is essential. Being able to control what is being spent on a daily basis and be notified is essential. Cloud8 has created some tools to help you with this control and has automated several tasks:

  • usage graphs : using a customizable graph, you can check daily spending on each type of service. Did you spend more on Computing and storage (EC2)? Did it consume more data transfer or database (RDS)?
  • time series : we store cost data for all the services you use from the first day you sign up for your plan. You can check and compare them later, tracking and understanding cost trends;
  • Alerts : You can configure 3 cost alerts per provider. If you exceed the defined threshold, you will be immediately notified;
  • email reports : receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on the evolution of your costs. The reports present costs broken down by type of service (Servers, data storage, data transfer, database, etc.).

Check out some graphs that you can create dynamically:

Monthly cumulative total and daily costs #

Month-to-month comparison #

With cost control tools, you can have the following questions answered:

  • What is my monthly spending curve?
  • What is the most expensive service?
  • How was my spending throughout the month? And for service?
  • Compared to previous months, is my Cloud cheaper or more expensive?

And if you exceed a value you set, we remind you that you will always be notified.

Cloud8 is always evolving and adding new tools. We are preparing new cost reports that will reach the level of control per component of your Cloud.