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Workflow: How to reset tasks periodically

Periodic preventive maintenance on servers is a good practice that we encourage. And sometimes there are server tasks that are not closed after execution and end up consuming resources and generating costs.

You can easily clear these tasks periodically through the Cloud8 Workflows , just follow the steps below:

Cloud8 Workflow
  • Within the Cloud8 Multicloud Panel , find the Workflows item in the left menu and then Containers ;
  • Select the desired Component from the central list;
  • In the top menu, click the New Workflow button
  • In the settings, select the Type “Scale / Turn off cluster service”, enter the name of the associated service ( Service Name ) and set the number of tasks ( Cap Desired ) to 0 (zero)

You must create such a configuration for each service you want to stop. Try adding the services that consume the most resources and also those that you have already observed abandoned tasks.