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How to integrate Slack into Best Practices

1 – New Notification with Slack in Best Practices

Within Best Practices, access “Global Notifications”:

Select the “Config Notifications” tab and click on “New Notification”:

Fill in the fields and select the “Slack” notification option in “Type”: 

The screen will display a message and a button that will allow you to integrate the Best Practices notification with Slack: 

When clicking on the “Add to Slack” button, the user will have to log in to their Slack and select the desired channel for this notification. After channel selection, the notification will be recorded automatically. 

To do this, we will follow the steps: 

1.1 – Authentication to your Slack workspace:

1.2 – Select the channel and click “Allow”

1.3 – The notification will be automatically recorded. 

2 – Configuring Notification with Slack in Rules in Best Practices

Open a rule’s settings: 

Select the Notification previously created with Slack and save: 

From this point on, Best Practices will send alerts for this rule, notifying you via Slack: