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How to access a Linux server

To access a server from the control panel, follow the steps below.

  1. Access through the control panel: in the list of servers, click the right button and choose: “access the server”
  2. Or, right after starting the server, a direct link to access will be shown:

3. A screen will open. There can be 3 scenarios:

3.1. Save the access key and protect it with a password

3.2. Access key saved without choosing a password. Direct access to the server.

3.3.Do not store the access key on the panel. This means you must save it on some device.

4. Then a confirmation window will open and an SSH application will be launched (if it is Linux).

You can open more than one application window at the same time! Just click on “Log in again”

5. SSH Application for Linux Case:

Important :

  • The SSH application is an applet and therefore Java must be installed on your computer;
  • As it is an applet, it is linked to the browser window. So be careful! If you close the browser, refresh or log back into the Cloud8 panel, the applet will close too!