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Cloud usage statistics

When using Cloud Computing it is essential to measure everything that happens. Know how much it costs and how much resources are being consumed by the components to get an idea if the sizing was done correctly and if there are no technical bottlenecks occurring.

Cloud8 has integrated usage statistics into its aggregator dashboard. To use, it’s simple. Just click on the ‘Statistics’ tab and all servers from all registered providers and data centers will appear at once.

By default, we always show the maximum, minimum and average resource consumption statistics combined in the same graph.

In this other example, it is possible to compare servers. And they don’t need to be in the same public cloud, same region or same provider account!

In this example, you can see the behavior of the servers and understand whether we have free CPU processing capacity and what peaks occur and at what time they occur.

Monitored metrics #

We monitor servers and disks.

  • CPU;
  • Incoming and outgoing network;
  • Bytes and write and read operations

Differentiators: #

  • View of 3 metrics: average, maximum and minimum at the same time;
  • Server metrics from all provider accounts and all integrated data centers;
  • Comparison between servers (from any source!);
  • Display of metrics for servers already destroyed;
  • Graphics can be exported in PNG, JPG or PDF format (useful for management reports or justifying some type of issue with a client).