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How to configure scheduling for script execution in AWS

In this tutorial we explain the steps necessary to use script execution via scheduler in Cloud8. 

EC2 Command:

  1. create an IAM Role with AmazonSSMFullAccess permission
  2. on the server where you want to run scripts, go to “Instance Settings -> Attach/Replace IAM Role” and associate the new IAM Role (mentioned in step 1) – Attention:  server must have internet access, but does not need to have a public IP
  3. install SSM-AGENT on Windows/Linux according to
  4. test (Virginia):;sort=Name – Suggestion:  use AWS-RunPowerShellScript (Windows) or AWS-RunShellScript (Linux) and run something harmless like ‘ipconfig’. Later, something more sophisticated can be used, such as copying files to S3: “aws cli s3 cp c:\home\* s://bucket/…”AWS documentation on remote commands:
  5. test scheduling on Cloud8: “Run Scripts” – you can pass AWS-RunPowerShellScript (Windows) or AWS-RunShellScript (Linux) and the parameters tested in step 4

 Open the action schedule and select the server(s) where you will run the script(s):

Then enter the command type option to be used,  “AWS-RunPowerShellScript” or “AWS-RunShellScript” . In the example we are scheduling the execution on a Linux server, so we will use “AWS-RunShellScript”:

Then click on the “Params” button and enter the command to be executed:

Okay, now just save the schedule and choose the recurrence (if applicable).