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Cloud server image or template

A cloud server image or template is a copy that contains all the files and functionality necessary for this server to function. It can be restored on a new server and in this way ‘clone’ this entire series of features.

An image can be public or private. Public images are provided by Amazon or other companies that have previously created server configurations and made them available in a public “library.” Private images are the images that you will create and that are only available within your account.

Main uses of an image:

  • backup. Very easy to create one, without needing internal applications and services.
  • server to be cloned. Ex: you resell a system and have several configurations and versions. Every time a customer asks for system A in version X, they simply take an image and create a server from it.
  • laboratory. Store server configurations in points to test later. Ex: if you get a bug in a production system and you can’t reproduce it in development, you can create a production image and then a new clone server just for debugging.

Amazon always recommends stopping the server and then creating the image/backup to ensure data integrity.