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I exported the cloud server usage report. What do the fields mean?

Cloud8 provides a cloud server usage report with hours per server. This report is especially useful when you have server(s) on the client’s AWS and want to know in terms of hours what the cost was. Cloud8 allows you to select the provider and month and export in CSV. With this you can generate your customized report.

Some important information regarding the CSV exported by the cost report:

  • the ‘dot’ is used to separate the cents in the cost fields;
  • dates: we use a universal date format (“unix timestamp”) and relative to Greenwitch time (GMT). So you can convert it to the time zone you need and the readable format you want.

Note: If you use Excel, you can convert the date to the format you want, simply applying the following formula in a cell to the side:


And then with the right button, select the date format.