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Multiple Users – Multiuser Panel

With Cloud8, several users can access the control panel, this is what is called a multi-user panel. We implement the concept of ‘profile’ where execution permissions are configured and then the ‘profile’ is associated with the user.

What are the profiles and how are customers using them?

  • administrator:
    • can perform all tasks;
    • provide the login to a third-party developer so that they do not have access to your Amazon account (which can, for example, make purchases in the store);
  • read-only:
    • used so that there is no risk of unauthorized changes to the Cloud;
    • manager: consults cost reports and monitors audit logs;
    • developers/architects: consult the cloud;
  • financial:
    • used for a finance person;
    • monitor costs;
    • access the statement and billing;
    • server/hour report;
  • report:
    • only server metrics data;
    • configurable by provider (AWS account) and servers;
  • devops:
    • all technical actions;
    • does not have access to cost data;
    • configurable for one or more providers (AWS accounts);
  • provider:
    • all actions: technical and financial;
    • configurable for one or more providers (AWS accounts);
    • unable to create new users and synchronize new AWS accounts;
  • server custom:
    • server actions: start, stop, reboot and backup;
    • configurable for any servers in any AWS account or region;

If you need another permission, don’t hesitate to contact us!