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Onboarding: getting started on Cloud8

Are you new to Cloud8? Welcome! Follow the steps in this document to configure the basics necessary to start using our Platform.

Create your access credential #

To connect our Platform with your Cloud provider, it is necessary to generate an access credential at the provider and configure it on Cloud8. Check the necessary steps below, depending on the supported provider.

Users and Access Profiles #

To manage access to the Cloud8 Platform, you can create different Users with specific Access Profiles.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) account settings #

Activating costs #

After configuring your access credentials, you must activate cost analysis. Follow the steps in the link below:

After submission, data consumption will take approximately 1 hour. Wait this time before proceeding to the next step (below).

Markup e Managed Service Provider (MSP) #

In the case where the Cloud8 subscriber needs to display a consumption value with a specific markup – for example, to control customers in resale (by subscription), follow the steps in the link below: