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Cloud8 Users and Profiles

In addition to the main user, who has an administrative Access Profile , with full access to the Cloud8 Platform, it is possible to create Users with specific Access Profiles , limited to certain actions and system functionalities, through the configuration of Types , Profiles and Permissions .

In summary, it works as follows:

  • You choose an available Profile Type (administrator, read-only , financial, etc.) – or request the creation of a new type (if you need something specific);
  • Create your Access Profile with the desired Permissions ( Providers and Allowed Actions );
  • Then create a User , associating it with the new Profile created.

Creating an Access Profile #

  1. Click on the “ Access profiles ” option in the left menu;
  2. In the next window, find the “ New ” option in the top menu;
  3. Select the Profile Type you want to associate with the profile and fill in the fields with detailed descriptions of the end customer for documentation purposes and better understanding
  4. Select the provider (s) this profile should have access to

5. In step 5, click on the “ Actions ” tab and add the actions that this profile will have access to. In the Example above, the end customer can see the technical cost and business cost dashboards represented by the tags, only in Reais and can also modify the recipients and frequencies of the cost reports.

Creating a User in this Profile #

After creating the Access Profile , you can create users and associate them with the newly created profile.

  • Find the “ Users ” option in the left menu and click on “ New ”;
  • Choose a valid email within the customer organization;
  • Define the full name and use the comment field to provide extra information;
  • Set a strong password (can be changed at login);
  • Define localization fields: language, date and number formats, time zone;
  • If this user needs to see the markup cost, use “Cost visualization”;
  • Finally, choose the profile you just created.