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I subscribed Amazon and I still can’t access Cloud8

If  you have just hired Amazon  and have not had your account released yet, you can still start configuring Cloud8.

When you register with the provider, you should receive a message like:

Wait to receive an email from Amazon with the title: “ AWS Unified Registration Sign-Up Confirmation “. As soon as you receive it, you can now use Cloud8.

If you have not registered a credit card, you will need to use Amazon:

Until you receive the email, Cloud8 will continue to check the release of your account and will proactively configure your account as soon as it notices that it has been released.

If the account is not released within 48 hours, we suggest contacting Amazon using the form:

And put something like:

Subject: AWS Subscription Status


Dear Amazon,

I’d like to know the status of my AWS Subscription. I haven’t received a confirmation email yet (“AWS Unified Registration Sign-Up Confirmation“).