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I created a security group through the AWS console and it still doesn’t appear in Cloud8

Cloud8 periodically synchronizes your panel with all components in the Amazon cloud.

For servers and disks created directly on the console, synchronization time is up to 10 minutes.

For other components, if created separately and not associated with a server, it may take a few hours for synchronization to occur.

If you need the sync to happen now:

  • enter the  panel ;
  • click on ‘Providers’ in the left menu;
  • in the list of your Amazon accounts, select the one you want to sync;
  • click the ‘Sync’ button.

Disclaimer: Cloud8 has no intention of replacing the excellent AWS console :). Cloud8’s proposal is to extend Amazon’s cloud with new features and therefore it is the customer’s choice whether they want to perform the most common actions such as creating a server, creating a disk, security group, etc. through the console or through Cloud8.